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Treasury Services

The products offered by the Treasury department are as follows:-

Call Accounts

This is a demand deposit account. It is flexible, interest-bearing account available in UK pound, US dollar, Euro and Rand. It is suitable if you require a transactional facility.The rate is subject to change in line with market trends

Bankers Acceptances

Customers can invest in these securities for any period up to 180 days. The interest rate is fixed at the date of the contract.

Negotiable Certificates of deposit (NCDs)

NCDs are term deposits issued by financial institutions, which are also tradeable in the secondary market. Investments may also be done for any period from 7 days to 365 days. The interest rate is fixed at the date of teh contract.


Fixed deposits

Term deposit accounts are available in Sterling, US dollar, Swiss Franc, Euro and Rand. Customers may also fix their investments for an agreed period ranging from 7 days up to 365 days at an agreed rate. The  interest rate is generally higher than those for demand deposits. Funds cannot be withdrawn before the maturity  date, for which any such withdrawal would attract a penalty rate.

Foreign Exchange Treasury

We buy and sell foreign currency on behalf of clients. We also offer foreign currency denominated accounts in USD, Rand, British Pounds and Euros and any other international currency. The team keeps abreast with market movements and is able to advise clientss exchange rates and on any changes in exchange control regulations. We also provide advice to clients on how to mitigate echange losses. We trade in Spot, forward and swap markets.

Treasury Services offered include:

  • Competitive market rates on Treasury products to clients
  • Foreign Currency transactions
  • Up to date information on both local and foreign market trends.
  • Historical data and graphs on exchange rate movements and trends